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Brooke holds a Master of Science degree in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, with a specialization in Advanced Practice Holistic Nursing, from New York University. She completed her clinical training in Psychiatry with children, adolescents, and adults at NYU Langone Medical Center, NYU Child Study Center, NYU Student Health Center, and in private practice. Prior to her graduate training, she worked as a Psychiatric Registered Nurse specializing in Community Mental Health in underserved communities in New York City, and later focused on Behavioral Health Palliative Care, working with adults and older adults navigating dementia, complex medical co-morbidities, and the end-of-life process.


Brooke's diverse experience informs her practice philosophy. She believes that honoring each individual's unique lived experience nurtures our innate capacity for optimal wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Her approach is relational and collaborative; she seeks to partner with clients to develop a treatment plan that comprehensively addresses both short and long-term needs and goals, based upon an understanding of their history, emotional framework, environment, lifestyle, and physical health. She has a particular interest in Functional Medicine approaches in Psychiatry, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Environmental Medicine. 

Practice Focus

Sea Shore

Brooke works with clients ages 21 and older. She utilizes conventional, integrative, and complementary or alternative approaches to psychiatric assessment and treatment. Her practice focuses on the evaluation and treatment of: 

  • ADHD

  • Mood Disorders (Depressive and Bipolar Spectrum Disorders)

  • Anxiety Disorders 

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  

  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health Issues and Trans* Competent Care

  • Sleep Disorders 

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Integrative Mental Health Care in the context of complex or chronic illness, including Dysautonomia, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and Environmentally-Acquired and Biotoxin Illnesses.


The structure of Brooke's practice limits the scope and complexity of clinical services that she is able to provide. Referrals can be provided for a higher level of care if more intensive services are required or recommended.  


She does not provide psychotherapy services at this time. 

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