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About Telehealth Services// 

Telehealth/Telemedicine enables healthcare providers to provide safe, effective, and convenient care through the use of technology via audio/video real-time conferencing to various off site locations, such as the patient’s home. As with any healthcare service, there are risks associated with the use of telemedicine/telehealth, including equipment failure, poor image resolution and information security issues. This provider will offer a secure, encrypted video teleconferencing service that allows for private conversations that meet HITECH and HIPAA standards.

 Client Responsibilities//

The client is responsible for having an electronic device with a stable Internet/data connection that allows for transmission of audio and video, and for providing a private location during the visit to protect their privacy. Prior to any telemedicine/telehealth services rendered, the client is responsible for contacting their health insurance provider (Does not apply to private pay patients) to determine if telemedicine/telehealth is covered under their current plan and what steps need to be taken to ensure they are following all requirements set forth by their health insurance provider. Should the service not be covered under their health insurance plan the patient is responsible for all charges not covered by their health insurance provider.

Telehealth Appointments//

Telehealth visits are available by appointment for established clients using Zoom, a secure and HIPAA-compliant video-chat platform.  To enter Brooke's virtual waiting room, enter the URL below into your web browser or click on the link to be automatically directed

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